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YDr Yorkshire Diaries (Surtees Society 65, 77). source 203
YearBk Year Books of Edward II, Edward IV and Henry VI, (Selden Society, Year Books Series) in progress. source 18
YearBook Year Books (Rolls Series). source 3
YearBook Year Books of Edward II, ed. F. W. Maitland (Selden Society, 19, 26, 33), 1904-16. source 6
Yeat S. P. Yeatman, The Feudal History of the County of Derby, 6 vols., London, etc. [1886-1907]. source 12
YI Yorkshire Inquisitions (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series 12, 23, 31, 37, 59), 1892 ff. source 1617
YI Yorkshire Inquisitions post mortem, 1241-83 (Yorkshire Archæological Society, Record Series 12), 1283-95 (Yorkshire Archæological Society, Record Series 23), 1294-1301 (Yorkshire Archæological Society, Record Series 31), 1301-7 (Yorkshire Archæological Society, Record Series 37), 1399-1422 (Yorkshire Archæological Society, Record Series 59). source 1561
YkCR York Civic Records (Yorkshire Archæological Society, Record Series 98, 103, 106, 108, 110, 112, 115, 119). source 48
Yorke Deeds belonging to Colonel John E. E. Yorke, Halton Place, Hellifield. source 114
YorkMem York Memorandum Book (Surtees Society 120), 1912. source 44
Young A. Young, A six months tour through the north of England, 4 vols., London, Salisbury and Edinburgh, 1770. source 14
Young A. Young, General View of the Agriculture of the County of Lincoln, London 1799. source 4
YPleas Yarmouth Pleas in Yarmouth Borough Archives (Schram). source 7
Yarmouth Ct Unspecified source in volume, but possibly Yarmouth Borough Court Rolls, Norfolk Record Office, or the abbreviation used by Schram for charters related to Yarmouth. source 1