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Lib P Registers in the possession of the Bishop of Chichester. source 18
Lib Y Registers in the possession of the Bishop of Chichester. source 5
LibAlb Liber Albus (Munimenta Gildhallae Londoniensis 1) (Rolls Series), ed. H. T. Riley, 1859. source 1
LibAlb Liber Albus of Worcester Priory (Worcestershire Historical Society), 1919. source 7
LibCl Liber Cleri in The State of the Church, vol. 1 (Lincoln Record Society 23), 1926. source 79
LibCust Liber Custumarum (Munimenta Gildhallæ London), ed. H. T. Riley, 1859-62. source 1
LibEl (a) Liber Eliensis (Ely Cathedral Library). (b) Cotton Vespasian A xix. source 58
LibEl Liber Eliensis (Cotton Vespasian A xix) (British Museum). source 2
LibEl Liber Eliensis, ed. D. J. Stewart (Anglia Christiana Society), London 1848. source 213
LibEl Liber Eliensis, ed. E. O. Blake (Camd Third Series xcii), 1962. source 2
Libellus Trinity College, Cambridge, Manuscript O. 2.41 (James 1145). source 4
Libellus Eliensis Unspecified manuscript source. Possibly material in the Liber Eliensis derived from the Libellus quorundam insignium operum beati Aethelwoldi (British Library, Cotton MS Vespasian A xix and Trinity College Cambridge MS 024). source 1
Liber Albus Liber Albus (Rolls Series), 1859. source 1
LiberA Register in the possession of the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's. source 5
LibHyda Liber monasterii de Hyda, ed. E. Edwards (Rolls Series), 1866. source 16
LiBlBk The Black Books of the Honourable Society of Lincolns Inn, 4 vols., 1897 ff. source 3
LibNig Liber Niger Monasterii Sancti Petri de Burgo, printed as an appendix to Chronicon Petroburgense, ed. T. Stapleton (Camden Society Old Series 47), 1849. source 3
LibOC Liber de Ordinationibus Cantiariarum, D&C A/1/8 in Lincolnshire Archive Office (14th century). source 6
LibPens Liber Pensionum of the Priory of Worcester (Worcestershire Hisorical Society), 1925. source 24
LichChart Registrum Chartarum Ecclesiae Lichfeldensis (Harl 4799) in British Museum, now British Library (14th). source 198