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Nobottle Grove Hundred
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Nobottle Grove Hundred (Hundred) located in the County of Northamptonshire
  • Nobottle Grove Hundred
  • Neowbotle grave a. 1076 Geld Roll
  • Niuebotlegrave, Neubotlagrava, Niwebotle, Niwebold, Niuebote 1086 DB
  • Newebotleagraua 1181 P
  • Newebotlesgrava 1195 P

"Base mapping from A Vision of Britain through Time at the University of Portsmouth"
Lat 54.665 Long -2.867

  • J. E. B. Gover and F. M. Stenton, The Place-Names of Northamptonshire (EPNS 10), Cambridge 1933.